Please try to solve the problem using our instructions on how to proceed if your sneakers do not work:

LED lights do not work – what am I supposed to do?

Plug the sneakers through the USB cable into the net and charge both sneakers to full capacity (charge time approx. 4 hours). The LED lights are flashing red when charging (if they do not respond to charging, follow the next point). After charging, they will stop blinking.

Check that the battery is connected to the LEDs

During walk or during transfer of the sneakers, the cable between the battery and the LEDs may disconnected. Remove the insert from the shoe to get to the battery. Then disconnect the batteries from the cables and plug them in again. It is possible that only the wrong contact was in the cable connection. If the problem persists, replace the batteries in your sneakers (connect the battery from the left sneaker to the right and vice versa). It is possible that the error will be removed.

Reset your sneakers

Charge the boots to full capacity (charging time approx. 4 hours). Then reset the boots by pressing the button for 30 seconds. If even in this case, after trying out all the previous points, the sneakers still do not work, you may have a defective USB cable.

Check the USB cable

Try connecting the sneakers to the network, for example, with a USB cable from your phone. If the sneakers are charged and then lit, you have a faulty USB cable. Just let us know about this fact on email and we will send you a new functional USB cable for free.

None of these things help solve this problem?